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Our Announcements

December closing date

We will be closed from the 14th of December until the 5th of January  2024.

Need assistance? Submit your request through our contact page, and anticipate a response within 12 hours.

October 3rd 2022 – Hosting fees

Dear clients, Monthly Hosting fees must be paid on or before the 3rd of each month. Payments not received by the 3rd of each month (12H00) will systematically be suspended and a reactivation fee of R495 will be charged. All outstanding payments must be paid and up to date before an account will be reactivated.

December 1st 2020 – December holiday

Dear Clients, Please take note we will be closed for development as of 1 December for the December period. Our office will be closed for the holiday period from the 7th of December until the 7th of January 2021. We hope you have a safe, healthy, and blessed holiday season. Thank you for your loyal support during the year!  Kind Regards, Team  Snappy

September 4th 2020 – SSL Security

Please take note all our hosting packages include SSL Security!   Kind Regards, Team  Snappy

July 7th 2023 – Website builder discontinued

Dear Snappy Clients , sadly the time for our SnappyCMS Website Builder has come to an end.   If you have an existing live website it will remain active but without the editor.   If you need changes feel free to contact us at Please note we still offer other services, for example PrestaShop eCommerce and  WordPress websites with Divi builder. 

August 31st 2021- Server upgrade

We have upgraded to a new server. If you experience any issues, please submit a ticket and we will assist soon as possible.

September 18th 2020 – Server upgrade

Please take note we will be upgrading the server tonight and there will be a short downtime. Kind Regards, Team  Snappy

Jan 30th 2020 – Annual hosting fee increase

Dear Snappy Client, Please take note that our Snappy Hosting fees will increase, effective from 1 February 2020.  Special offer to existing customers: If you pay upfront for the year the increase will not be applied to your account.   If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.   Kind Regards, Team  Snappy

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